Our Services

Our Services

Our Mission

At Paramount Butcher Shop, our mission is to provide our customers a new and exciting experience.

Our meat “boutique” offers the highest quality of grass fed, free-range, GMO hormone & antibiotic free poultry and deli presented in a new and enticing way by the finest butchers.

We believe in the finest quality, efficient service and exceptional value are equally important and should not be compromised at any cost.

Who we work with

Our Farms

Paramount Butcher Shop works directly with local farmers to ensure only the highest quality, clean meats are available for you and your family.

We believe that great tasting meat begins with naturally fed, hormone free animals that are bred in a healthy, natural free-range environment. 

Our Kitchen

To continue with the Paramount tradition, our butcher shop is always stocked with the freshest ingredients and aromatic spices to cater for our made to order barbecued meats. Our highly skilled chefs can customize your order to suit you desired taste/flavor.

Our succulent rotisserie chicken is also readily available and something you must try.


Our Product

We offer a wide selection of fine cuts of Beef, Lamb, Veal and Poultry. We prepare all our item in our Deli in-store, this way we always have consistent quality control ensuring that our deli is free from dyes and preservatives. Our prepared meats section includes prepared daily marinades, roasts and cutlets that looks and tastes great.

We only used the finest ingredients and our spices are hand selected by our experienced team from the finest suppliers. 


Our Service

Our team of highly skilled butchers are always happy to assist, offer advice and give suggestions for the best cut of meat for you.

We now offer delivery anywhere in Orlando, deliver is free for orders over $50.00.